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Check valves come in a variety of configurations and specifications which are engineered for different applications. There are a variety of industries which utilize check valves, primarily chemical, water treatment, fuel, food processing, fertilizer, medical and paint industries. Although these items can be manufactured from metal or plastic materials there are a number of factors to take into consideration when determining the best check valve for a specific job task. Typically temperature and material compatibility are important attributes that can critically influence the performance of a check valve system. There are many types of check valves including: diaphragm, swing, stop-check, lift-check, in-line check, duckbill with newer types of check valves continuously receiving upgrades and improvements as the needs and demands of our market evolves.

In the past year, there have been incredible developments in creating newer plastic diaphragm check valves. These items are engineered for superior flexibility and flow control for medical device applications. The innovation lies in the versatility of the silicone diaphragm. When the forced upstream pressure is greater than the downstream pressure the check valve will automatically open resulting in flow. When the pressure stops the plastic device will then automatically shape back into its closed position. This item prevents free-flowing fluids from entering into unwanted areas and allows for low cracking pressure which is ideal for applications that utilize low upstream pressures.

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